How do I find the owner of a vehicle with a plate number in Texas?

find the owner of a vehicle with a plate number in Texas
There are times when certain information becomes required, and you just find yourself asking how you can get such information. Some of these details you seek may end up being very difficult to actually access. This is one of those situations. Finding the owner of a car by its VIN is not as easy as you may think, but it’s not impossible. This article shows us how to find the previous owner of a car.

How to find the owner of a car

Getting the ownership history of a vehicle is one thing; getting the specific owner of a vehicle with a plate number is another. Details on vehicle ownership are usually not available to the general public via any license plate lookup service or third-party sites.

To obtain this information, you will most likely need to visit a government agency or something similar. You would also need to appear with a good reason. I mean, if they were to provide confidential information to you, then you should at least have a good reason why you would need it. Some acceptable reasons for applying to find the owner of a car by its VIN or license plate number are

  • You were the victim of a hit-and-run, or you witnessed an accident.
  • It is part of your job as an insurance agent or a private investigator to have access to this information.

Most government agencies require valid reasons before disclosing confidential information to the public. If your reasons are invalid or are not convincing enough, your application may be rejected. Providing fake information here is not advisable, as you may face jail time.

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How to find the previous owner of a car

There are quite a number of routes to follow to find the previous owner of a car by VIN or license plate lookup. Some of these methods can bring you the information you seek right to the comfort of your home via email, while others suggest that you may have to visit a government agency. The most effective methods are

Vehicle History Report Providers

Before running off to government agencies, generate a vehicle history report for that vehicle from Instant VIN Reports. This method has proven to be effective and relatively easy. A vehicle history report is a document that provides information on the history of a vehicle. With a vehicle history report from Instant VIN Reports, you will gain full access to the ownership history of a vehicle, theft history, accident and damage history, auction and sales history, odometer readings, and other information. Usually, most report providers require a VIN number to generate a report for a specific vehicle, but in situations where you do not have access to the VIN, you can generate a vehicle history report with a license plate number.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

You can go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles if you have a very solid and valid reason to wish to find out more about the owner of the car, such as a crime. They usually have all the records and information on registered vehicles and would grant access to some of the information for a good reason and an access fee. The main issue with government organizations in circumstances like this is that there is a good chance that it will take some time before you receive the information you need, especially if the license plate was registered in another state. Before you can obtain the vehicle owner’s information in such a situation, you might need to fly to the state where the license plate was issued and go to the relevant government office.

These are the steps you have to follow if you want to find the previous owner of a car by the VIN or license plate number.

  • Make sure you walk into the agency with a good reason. The aforementioned list includes several good reasons you can provide for requesting access to car owner data.
  • Fill out a driver’s records request form. You will fill out this form with some basic information about yourself and the facts of why you want to find out who owns a certain vehicle.
  • Submit the necessary paperwork and fees. For your search at the agency, you will be charged a fee of $4–$10.
  • Please provide any necessary identification.
  • Reach out to the agency and ask what went wrong if you haven’t received your request after two to three weeks.

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The Cops

If your reason for wanting to find the name of a car owner or the ownership details is because of suspicious activity, then the cops should be your first point of contact. If you notice criminal activity or suspicious activity with a particular vehicle, you should immediately reach out to the police. They have access to details on every driver and every vehicle. Immediately file a complaint or send the license plate number you acquired to the police, and they will take it from there.

The only problem with this method is that the police will not reveal their findings to you and will most likely keep the car owner’s information confidential.

A Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is another good strategy that works. Private investigators are available both locally and online, and you can get one quite easily. If you’d prefer to get one online, simply type “private investigator in (name of state)” into a search engine to find one. Additionally, there are several websites where you may discover excellent private investigators online. You could also get a private investigator locally. Make sure you look for reviews of the investigator before you sign a contract and begin the process. Again, you may not sign a contract and pay the requested fees before you have confirmed the private investigator’s competence, reputation, and integrity.

Private investigators are great at what they do, and with the right person, you will be able to find the owner of a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trace a car owner from a license plate?

No, you cannot trace a car owner from the number plate through government agencies and VIN check sites, but with a private investigator, you may be able to get the information you need on a vehicle and its owner.

Can someone find your address from the Texas license plate?

Usually, the Texas DMV only provides public information upon request, and addresses are not considered public information. This means that your address is safe and will not be provided to just anybody by the Texas DMV.

How can I find the owner of a license plate number online?

There are several methods to find the owner of a license plate number and discover the ownership history of a vehicle. These methods include generating a vehicle history report, visiting the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and hiring a private investigator.

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