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Not sure of the original specifications,features,packages and options of a car? Get an original window sticker. Instant VIN Report provides a reproduction of the original window sticker.

What is a window sticker or monroney label?

A “window sticker” also known as “monroney sticker” or “build sheet”: uncovers vital information about a vehicle. We can translate any VIN to exact trims and hence provide accurate OEM window stickers with factory options and packages, MSRP, safety and security features, interior, exterior and color options.
Windows Sticker

What are the benefits of a window sticker?

Compliance with state regulations:

Dealerships utilizing our window stickers are acting in accordance with the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. They are seen by governmental agencies as law abiding agencies.

Get to know the suggested price of a vehicle:

A window sticker provides you with pricing information at a glance. This is important as it helps the dealer to set a standard price for any vehicle.

Indicates the essential features of a vehicle:

The importance of window stickers is greatly felt when trying to sell a car. It can assist buyers to find out if the vehicle has the features they are searching for as well as discovering important and useful information so as to know if the vehicle in question is the one they need or not.

Increase the chances of selling a vehicle:

A 2014 survey reveals that consumers experience buyer’s remorse after purchasing a vehicle, leaving fewer than a third who are happy with the car they end up with. The reasons are mainly misleading pricing, dealership tactics, and hidden fees. Therefore, presenting window stickers at the point of sale can help dealerships and car sellers in many ways.

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What information does our window stickers contain?

Everything you need to know about a new or used car is on its window sticker. Auto Shoppers will find the following most crucial information on a window sticker.

Vehicle description

A window sticker reveals the make, model, year, and trim of the vehicle. It also lists exterior and interior colors, technical features, original and optional equipment, government ratings and many more.

Factory Installed Standard Equipment

A window sticker Contains all necessary information about the equipment fitted by the factory including exterior and interior of vehicle.

Optional equipment

Also includes information regarding the optional equipment and packages if fitted by the manufacturer at the factory.

Warranty information

Find out the vehicle’s warranty lengths, roadside assistance packages, and any other manufacturer's offers that may be included in the particular make and model.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

The vehicle price suggested by the manufacturer.

Fuel economy and environment

Find out city, highway, and combined fuel economy ratings and approximated annual fuel costs for the vehicle. This section will also indicate what kind of fuels the vehicle is designed to run on.

Safety ratings

Find out results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) if available.

QR code

By scanning this QR code with your smartphone, you’re directed to the EPA website where you can customize driving stats to see what your fuel economy might be.

Classic Vehicle Window Stickers

Looking to get reproduction window stickers for your classic vehicles?

Instant Vehicle Reports has got you covered. We are the industry-first providing window stickers for classic vehicles.

Our classic vehicle sticker includes details including standard specifications including the engine size and transmission, the dimensions, carburettor, wheels, rims and tires, paint codes, radiator type, shocks, brakes. Also it includes MSRP, VIN descriptions, VIN location, standard and optional equipment details.

A build sheet for classic vehicles is very important because it provides you with detailed information on original parts that were installed in the vehicle. For classic cars, the build sheet acts like the car’s provenance, proving where the car started its life and in what state.

Can I find a window sticker by VIN?

Here is how to find a Window Sticker by VIN:

By entering the make, model, year, and trim of a vehicle.

By using your vehicle identification number (VIN).

In case of any query, simply contact our staff via live chat or email for assistance.

Custom Window Stickers

We also offer custom window stickers for dealers to help in their marketing and branding. These custom window stickers usually contain the logo, basic information such as opening and closing hours, address and social media links
The benefits of getting custom window stickers include

Do Window Stickers Expire?

No, Instant VIN Report’s window stickers do not expire because they are a reproduction of the original window sticker of the vehicle. Although used vehicles may have undergone several changes during its life’s cycle, our window stickers give detailed information about the car’s original equipment and special features. This helps to make certain that your window stickers have the impact that you desire, and that you do not waste your time and money.