Will a New Fuel Pump Improve Gas Mileage? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

The fuel pump in a car is very important as it supplies fuel to the engine which in turn powers the vehicle. When the fuel pump is faulty, it can seriously affect the performance of your car which might in turn decrease your gas mileage.

In this article, we will be looking at how changing your fuel pump will help improve your gas mileage and some things you can do to help improve your gas mileage.

Will a new fuel pump improve gas mileage?

The fuel pump is a simple device just like the rest of the fuel system and when there is a fuel pump failure, it may affect the gas mileage. The way this works is not how most people think.

If you feel your fuel pump is costing you more gas, then you need to critically examine it before purchasing a new fuel pump.

A car engine is simply a device that converts chemical energy. Chemical energy stored in fuel is used to create pressure and heat which then pushes the pistons forward to create mechanical energy.

When fuel and oxygen combine in the right proportion and ignite, this conversion event happens due to  combustion. On the other hand, a fuel pump helps to increase the pressure of fuel that gets to the engine.

A low pressure will reduce the amount of fuel going through while a high fuel pressure will increase the amount of fuel going to the engine.

Therefore, it means that a drop in fuel pressure, which might be caused by a faulty or clogged fuel pump, will starve the engine of fuel which might then result in poor gas mileage. While fuel pumps do not usually fluctuate in pressure, the fuel pump pressure regulator might be the cause.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check and see if the pump pressure regulator is faulty before replacing the fuel pump.

4 ways to improve gas mileage

With gas prices steadily rising every month, it’s only ideal that you learn and implement simple tips to help improve your gas mileage.

  1. Replace the vehicle air filter

A simple and very effective way to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle is to replace the air filter. As the vehicle engine is working, the air filter might collect dirt, oil and dust which will limit the amount of airflow.

With this reduced airflow, it means that the vehicle is consuming more gas with each mile, meaning worse gas mileage. When you have new air filters, there will be fresh airflow into the engine, which means it requires less gas to move far.

  1. Replace the engine fuel filter

Another way to improve your gas mileage is to ensure that your fuel filter is regularly replaced. If you have a clean fuel filter, then you are going to have better gas mileage.

The purpose of the fuel filter is to strain any debris out of the gas as it passes from the tank to the engine. This protects the engine from possible damage, but like the air filter, that fuel filter can get clogged up.

When it does, it can strain the flow of fuel to the engine, making the engine do more work to get the same results and hurting your fuel economy as a result.

By changing the filter regularly, you help ensure a clean flow of gasoline from the tank to the engine. You should also  consider fuel cleaning products that assist the fuel filter in keeping your gas free of debris.

  1. Using the recommended fuel type

Improving your gas mileage is as simple as using the right fuel type. Are you using regular, premium or super premium gas? The reason for this is because the octane in gas refers to how sensitive the fuel is to pre-ignition and combustion prematurely.

The higher the octane, the more resistant your gas is to pre-ignition. Basically, you should  stick to the advice of your manufacturer when it comes to fuel type to use as each engine type is designed with a fuel quality in mind.

  1. Regularly cleaning the fuel injectors

Regularly cleaning your fuel injectors will improve your gas mileage. The fuel injector helps to deliver gas to the engine as a high pressure mist which gives better fuel efficiency and emissions.

If you suspect that your gas mileage is bad, then you should consider having a mechanic clean your fuel injectors. If your fuel injectors have become clogged, you won’t get the right mist of gas, and your fuel economy will suffer.


Getting a new fuel pump to improve your gas mileage is certainly not a bad idea. Before doing this, you should check the fuel pump regulator to ensure that it is working properly. If you plan on getting a used car, then knowing the service and maintenance history of the vehicle is very crucial.

To do this you should run a VIN check to learn about the previous history of the vehicle.

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