Want To Step Up Your VIN  Scanner App? You Need To Read This First

VIN scanner app

Recently, VIN scanner apps have been proven to be a sure means of getting the VIN as input to an online database or system for several purposes.

The VIN is usually 17-digit long and accurate input may not be possible if it is always copied manually, however with the VIN scanner application you can be sure of an error-free operation. 

There are numerous VIN scanner applications that are now available which one should you use, and what must influence your decision?

With advances in technology, and the availability of open-source libraries such as OpenCV and YOLO, (You Only Look Once) the world of computer vision is being revolutionized constantly as more and more powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered tools are being developed. 

For companies seeking to obtain a detailed vehicle history for cars in their inventories, a good VIN scanner is like a priceless pearl, because it increases work efficiency, improves speed, and reduces cost. 

Many factors have been found to affect the functionality of VIN scanner applications, this may include the camera quality and processor of the mobile device, the lighting conditions, and more, has there been an application that has successfully scaled through these challenges and stand to be the best? This article will provide an answer. 

Before we consider some of the top-ranked VIN scanning applications, let us consider why you need a VIN scanner:

Importance of VIN scanners

In nut-shell VIN scanners can turn any mobile device with a camera into an industry-standard scanning machine, capable of recognizing and capturing any vehicle identification number. VIN scanners are advantageous for the following reasons:

Elimination of input errors

Before now, VIN numbers are manually typed, which usually results in errors that also takes time to find and fix, visually impaired persons can as well find it more difficult to see and type VIN which is characterized by an alphanumeric nature, VIN scanners eliminate errors associated with manually input, increasing efficiency and more.

Provision of vehicle history information

Most VIN scanners are linked to an engine that can deliver a detailed vehicle history report, hence after scanning a VIN the VIN is either decoded to provide the vehicle’s specifications and other basic information or can able to provide detailed vehicle history information. 

Replacement of dedicated scanners

VIN scanners transform the mobile device camera into a powerful scanning machine, offering even more flexibility and functionalities than dedicated scanners.

Top VIN scanner applications

Now let us consider some of the most frequently used VIN scanner applications

The VIN Decoder & Vehicle History App by Vehicle Database, Inc

This mobile application is arguably the best mobile app embedded with not just a VIN scanner but a license plate scanner and decoder. 

It was developed with a state-of-the-art OCR engine and scanning system establishing the app at the summit of professionalism in every possible aspect of VIN scanning and decoding. 

So, we know it offers the fastest and most reliable method for VIN decoding and accessing vehicle history information. 

The vehicle history report produced is also quite unique as it provides additional information which is absent in other vehicle history reports. 

The VIN decoder App by Toysoft Inc

This is another powerful application that provides users with an option to manually enter or scan the VIN.

This VIN scanner is free to download and offers other services, which include VIN decoding, it also supports manufacturers from North America, Europe, Asia, and other countries.

Autoniq’s VIN scanner

When a VIN is scanned using Autoniq’s tool, it provides vehicle pricing and evaluation information, this tool is mostly leveraged by professionals in the automotive industry.

It can integrate into auction inventories, and scans fast and accurately. 

CarVertical App

Car Vertical is a big name in the automotive industry, they also have a mobile application that has the ability to decode VIN. 

The Car vertical application is free to download and accessible to all who use the google play store and the App store.

The Carbly VIN scanner

The Carbly VIN scanner app is a product of the partnership between, Ambient Automotive, In, and others, such as Kelly Blue Book and Carfax.

This scanner like other scanners has also eliminated any need for manual VIN entry.

Computer Vision aided scanning is currently revolutionizing many industries, and the auto industry is not excluded, in fact, the success of applications such as the free VIN decoding & Vehicle History apps from Vehicle Databases is a living testimony. Hence when considering setting up a VIN scanner application you must check if:

  • Does this application uses modern technology
  • Can it scan VINs from a tight angle?
  • Can it capture VIN in poorly lit environments?
  • Is it fast?

These questions can help you make the best possible choice when choosing a VIN scanner application.


What is a VIN scanner?

AS VIN scanner is a mobile application designed to fit seamlessly with the camera of any mobile device and give it the ability to scan vehicle identification numbers.

Which is the best VIN scanner?

The best VIN scanner in the industry is the VIN scanner from Vehicle Databases, Inc this scanner powers the free VIN decoding & vehicle history app from Detailed Vehicle History.

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