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InstantVINreports takes pride in providing OEM window stickers for all manufacturers. We replicate the information found on the original Saleen window sticker also known as Saleen build sheet to provide our customers with accurate information about the vehicle.  Learn more about your vehicle’s specifications,  options, packages, interior, exterior, safety ratings. MSRP, and more with an Saleen monroney sticker.

What is an Saleen Window Sticker?

An Saleen window sticker also known as a “monroney sticker”or “build sheet”: uncovers vital information about a vehicle. We can translate any VIN to exact trims and hence provide accurate OEM window stickers with factory options and packages, MSRP, safety and security features, interior, exterior and color options.

What information can you find on an Saleen Window Sticker?

Getting your own Saleen window sticker offers you the following information

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

this is the retail price for which the manufacturer suggests a dealer sell the vehicle which is different from the invoice price

Vehicle description

A window sticker reveals the make, model, year, and trim of the vehicle. It also lists exterior and interior colors, technical features, original and optional equipment, government ratings and many more.

Warranty information :

Find out the vehicle’s warranty lengths, roadside assistance packages, and any other manufacturer's offers that may be included in the particular make and model.

Standard and optional equipment

It contains the features and equipment included with the vehicle, such as engine options, tire size, to the most basic safety features like seatbelts.

Safety ratings:

Find out results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) if available.

Fuel economy and environment

Find out city, highway, and combined fuel economy ratings and approximated annual fuel costs for the vehicle. This section will also indicate what kind of fuels the vehicle is designed to run on.

QR code

By scanning this QR code with your smartphone, you’re directed to the EPA website where you can customize driving stats to see what your fuel economy might be.

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