Why Run Vin Checks? (Explained)

An auction is simply an act of buying and selling, usually to the highest bidder, happening in an open market.

When a vehicle is the item being sold, then we can say that the vehicle has been auctioned.

Vehicle auctions can take place anywhere, either in a physical location or online

One very important service offered by Instant VIN Reports is an auction VIN check which is very essential when buying a used vehicle.


In the US alone, the vehicle auction market is billed to grow exponentially from 2022 – 2024. Business Wire reports that this is supported by the fact that there has been a rise in the average age of light vehicles, a hike in vehicle crashes, increasing revenue per car auctioned price and a very strong demand for US salvage auction vehicles from the international market.

From the above report, it is safe to say that the sale of salvage vehicles is going to increase and as such it is very important that you carry out an auction VIN check before any purchase.

And the good news is that Instant VIN Reports auction reports gives you a more detailed information other than how many times it has been auction

What is an Auction VIN Check?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is a situation whereby some attempts to retrieve the past history of a vehicle while an Auction VIN Check is an attempt to retrieve the auction history of the vehicle using its VIN number.

An auction record will tell you how many times a vehicle has been auctioned and many other details.

For emphasis, Manheim Inc is a vehicle auction company and one of the largest in terms of trade volume and has over 100 auctions located throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Instant VIN Reports uses the auction sites and many more to ensure that our customers get the best and accurate auction VIN check report.

The Uniqueness of Instant VIN Reports Auction VIN Checks

Instant VIN Reports provides a very comprehensive and detailed auction report and we pride ourselves on the ability to access over 2 millions auctions worldwide.

We are also the only provider that provides vehicle history, auction sales and listing information to produce one dynamic and accurate report.

Instant VIN Reports is currently leveraging trends in the tech industry and state of the art artificial intelligence system for data acquisition, processing and use.

Elements of an Instant VIN Reports Check

Some of the information contained in this report includes

  1. Auction Images

We provide visual and detailed auction images and explanations for your vehicle.

Just as you can see from the image above, the vehicle was damaged and later refurbished.

So if you are buying a used vehicle, it is very important that you run an auction VIN check and use our service as we have provide over 10 auction images with each report.

  1. Titles

In this section of the report, you get to find out the explanation and the purpose of the vehicle previously.

You also get to know if the vehicle had an accident before and the degree of the damage along with the mileage of the vehicle.

  1. Past Users.

Instant VIN Reports also provides you with a detailed report of the previous owners of the vehicle and the corresponding timeline.

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