What Do The Numbers On A Volkswagen Window Sticker lookup Mean?

When trying to buy a used vehicle, especially a Volkswagen, it is ideal that you get a window sticker so you can get information about the build sheet.

A Volkswagen window sticker will help provide you with details about the build sheet and technical details about your Volkswagen vehicle. In this article, we will be looking at a Volkswagen window sticker and what the numbers mean.

What does the Volkswagen window sticker provide?

A Volkswagen window sticker will provide you with both standard options as well as additional manufacturer options and price information. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the information contained in a window sticker.

On the left side you will find:

  • Available standard equipment and features
  • Safety information
  • Technical specifications for various vehicle features

The middle column describes optional features and equipment available on the vehicle:

  • The base price of the vehicle without additional options and features
  • Warranty information
  • Additional manufacturer options and pricing
  • Total vehicle price including all features and any shipping charges

On the right side you will find:

  • EPA fuel economy ratings
  • Government safety ratings (provided by the NHTSA)
  • The 5-star safety rating program evaluates how the vehicle’s safety features will respond through a series of crash test simulations:
  • Frontal
  • Side
  • Rollover  
  • Port of entry

Where to find the Volkswagen VIN?

The VIN for your Volkswagen can be found in 2 places

  • On the door of the driver’s side
  • The left corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield

Other places you can find the VIN is on vehicle registration documents, insurance cards, and sometimes vehicle service invoices.

How do you read a window sticker?

The year, model and trim level are usually at the top of the window sticker. You can determine the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts in this section of the window sticker. The safety ratings will appear in this section if a car was crash tested. All cars will display the warranty coverage on the window sticker.

Where is the build date on a Volkswagen Window Sticker?

The vehicle build date which is the date the vehicle was built can be found

Up at the top of your window sticker you will see a number called blend, the last 6 numbers, that is your scheduled build date.

Can You Tell Trim Level By VIN?

There are a couple of different ways to tell the trim level of a car. The first and most common is to look at the VIN and see what digits lead to the 17 characters’ VIN. The second way is to look at the sticker in the driver’s door jamb and decode it. You can refer to how to read ford truck VIN numbers for a proper way of decoding.

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