Top 5 Most Used Military Vehicles in WW2

Most Used Military Vehicles

World War 2 was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945 involving the vast majority of the world’s countries including the superpowers.

During this period soldiers, supplies and equipment had to be moved from one place to the other. The obvious means of doing this was by using military vehicles. In the Instant VIN Reports article, we will be looking at some of the vehicles that played a major role during the war.

1. Tanks

Tanks were the major and predominant vehicles that played a major role during WW2. The amazing developments in the aspect of the internal combustion engine, armor plating and their rugged exterior made them extremely formidable against opponents.

They were capable of covering large amounts of ground each day and they were also able to carry heavy loads and personnel. Among some of the most notable tanks used were the M4 Sherman Tank and the M3A1 Stuart Tank. Without a doubt, tanks were some very important vehicles that played a major role in the war.

2. Armored Vehicles

Another very important vehicle used during the second world war was the armored vehicle. Armored vehicles were essentially developed as a means of defense against tanks.

As a result of the tough and rugged exterior, such vehicles were used in transporting soldiers, food and equipment along huge terrains.

These armored fighting vehicles were also known as “tank destroyers” because of their ability to effectively neutralize tanks during battle. The most famous of these were the American M10 Wolverine and the M8 Greyhound.

3. Self Propelled Guns and Artillery

After the first world war, most countries realized the need for mobile guns and artillery. This was in a bid to get an advantage against foot soldiers and infantry.

As a result, self-propelled guns and artillery were discovered.

These vehicles were able to move guns and artillery from one place to another without being propelled by a separate entity.

These vehicles were lightweight and had mechanized engines that made them very fast and deadly weapons during war. The most famous of these self-propelled artillery guns are the M7 “Priest” which was used to carry large amounts of guns and artillery.

4. Transport Vehicle

While WW2 was mostly a military war with lots of military vehicles being used, there were also transport vehicles. These vehicles were used to convey soldiers and senior officers from one place to another.

These military trucks played an important role in conveying medicines, supplies and more during the war. Transport trucks were very instrumental in ensuring that supply routes and trade routes were maintained during the war.

Most famous among these was the Jeep transport vehicle which has evolved into a household vehicle in modern times. These transport vehicles were 4-wheel vehicles which made them perfect for cross-country driving and very valuable during the war.

5. Amphibious Vehicles

Another very important vehicle that played a major role in WW2 was the amphibious vehicle. These vehicles were designed with the goal of being able to maneuver both on land and on water.

The first of these vehicles was the Landing Tracked Vehicle which was used by the US Marine Corps in order to attack enemies that were on the water.

These vehicles had strong armor-plated exteriors and were able to handle heavy weapons which made them a fierce adversary in battle. Their versatility made them a useful asset as they were perfect for cross-driving both on land and water.


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