Get A Free VIN Check on Any Ford Vehicle

Buying a used Ford vehicle? Then getting a digital check with our Ford VIN check tool will ensure you don’t waste money buying a bad vehicle.

What is a Ford VIN

A Ford VIN is simply a 17 digit of code and letters that is unique to every Ford Vehicle ever manufactured
Checking your vehicle VIN is usually the first step in buying a used vehicle. Not only will it give you the characteristics of your vehicle, but it will also offer valuable insights into the vehicle’s past.
Significant accidents, law enforcement, and insurance events are all things you can learn with a Ford VIN.
Here are some important information that you can get from

Where to Find the Ford VIN?

Your Ford VIN should appear on your vehicle registration and insurance documents, but you can also find it on the car itself. Check these places:
You may also find it on the driver’s side door frame, around the area where the door latches to the car.

What can you Learn Running a Ford VIN Check

When you run a Ford VIN Check, here are some very important details about your vehicle that you will uncover.

Number of owners

You can quickly find the number of previous owners, the duration of each ownership and the registration location. This will also tell you the city, state and country.

Mileage history

You will also get the mileage, registration and renewal details. This information is gotten from the odometer records along with the service history and repairs completed.

Accident history

You get to know details about the accident history of the vehicle. It includes the salvage title check and insurance records verification using the national database. You also get to see auction history and photos to know how severe the damage was.

Best time to buy and sell

With our VIN check report, you get a detailed comparison report of the vehicle against future models so you know the best time to buy or sell.

Vehicle specifications

You get to find out if the vehicle has special specifications such as exterior options, interior additions, safety features and audio system specifications.

Market value

Our VIN check report gives a detailed market value report using an advanced tool that considers mileage and some other data. This gives you an idea of the vehicle depreciation and resale value.

Warranty status

You get the warranty coverage and the current status of the vehicle before making a purchase.

Police reports

You also find any information about past police reports or law enforcement agencies. This also affects the market value and the resale value of the vehicle.

Safety rating

You also want to know the safety of the vehicle by knowing the crash safety guide and the technical ability of the vehicle to avoid an accident.

Insurance data

Our VIN check report also includes any insurance claims made for the vehicle. This is very important because insurance claims affect the market and resale value of the vehicle.


You also find out the vehicle has outstanding recalls or safety concerns. Knowing this information ensures that the vehicle and it’s passengers are safe at all times.

Inspection Records

You get the records of annual safety checks and emission inspections. This is very important because you want to avoid fines and local penalties if the vehicle is defaulting.

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