All You Need To Know About Vehicle Recalls

To properly understand what vehicle recalls are, then you need to think like a car manufacturer.

And in this article we will be looking at

  • What is a vehicle recall and why is it important
  • When can a recall be issued?
  • How does recall work?
  • How to know if your vehicle needs a recall

What is a Vehicle Recall and Why is it Important?

A vehicle recall is a decision made by vehicle manufacturers or NHTSA to recall a vehicle or group of vehicles with defective parts or safety issues.


Most times, this happens when the vehicle manufacturer or NHTSA finds out that the vehicle part or the vehicle itself is below the proper standard of road worthiness and safety.


As such, it is very important that manufacturers issue a recall or they may have NHTSA to deal with.


Another reason why recalls are issued is to ensure that defective vehicles and parts are repaired and fixed back to standard.


We provide a service that can give you the recall information of your vehicle as posted by the manufacturer even before it gets to NHTSA website


Simply use your 17 digit VIN and find out the recall information about your vehicle, remember, to stay safe you will need up to date information about the safety condition of your vehicle and we can provide you with that information.


When Can a Recall Be Issued?

A recall is usually issued based on the complaints received by manufacturers from owners or users of the vehicle in question.


Between 2013 to 2016 ford issued and recalled over 550,000 ford fusion. These vehicles were found to have transmission problems and users complained that when they park the car, they will see that the car is parked on the dashboard, but nonetheless the car is still geared, posing serious safety concerns to all users of the vehicle. This year (2021) the Takata recall rocked the automotive industry.

In a subsequent article we will see the various lessons learned from the Takata recall.

A recall might also occur if NHTSA receives complaints from users, NHTSA usually conduct their own investigations and analysis of complaints, and if they found the defect to be they will notify the said manufacturer mandating them to make a recall of all affected models.

How Does Recall Work?

Recall chains usually start when the manufacturer or NHTSA issue a recall for defective vehicles or for safety issues.

When the manufacturer finds a fault with a vehicle, he notifies the owners of the said vehicle within 2 months of notifying the NHTSA.

It is also expected that the manufacturer offers a proper repair or replacement offer in place for the owners.

NHTSA usually monitors the recall process and ensures that vehicle owners receive proper, safe and free effective remedies from the recalling manufacturer.

How To Know If Your Vehicle Needs a Recall?

If you are a registered vehicle owner, you will receive a mail, and you are expected to follow the instructions provided.

You also may be directed to a local dealership to get the issue fixed up.

One thing to note is that, no one pays for any changes made to your vehicle during recalls, the manufacturer bears the cost. 

Sometimes a manufacturer may be required to buy back a vehicle.

You can easily find the recall information of any vehicle using the VIN number by clicking here.


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