Check for Recalls by VIN

Lookup vehicle recalls by VIN to learn if your vehicle has any open recall(s).

Lookup Vehicle Recalls By VIN

Check if your vehicle has any open recall to ensure that the vehicle is safe. Simply enter a VIN and learn if there is any safety recall issued and learn about the recall history of the vehicle. If you want to purchase a vehicle, then it is very important that you know the recall history and ensure that there is no open recall and the vehicle is safe to drive.

What is a Recall and Why is it Issued?

A recall is a call made to every owner of a vehicle with safety issues and risks that compromise the security of the car.

A recall is usually issued when the manufacturer realizes that there is a potential safety issue with a component of a vehicle or if it fails to meet the set minimum safety standards. It can be related to equipment, car seat or tires, or any other car parts.

Manufacturers are required to fix the problem by repairing, replacing it, offering a refund and/or in rare cases repurchasing the vehicle.

How to Check Recalls by VIN

Our recall tool allows you to check manufacturer recalls by VIN. Search a VIN and learn about any open recall your vehicle has with other information including

It’s imperative to repair the recalls as soon as they are issued for a safe vehicle drive. If not, it can become the cause of accidents and dysfunction of the vehicle also.
To check a vehicle recall by VIN, simply enter the VIN number and learn if the vehicle needs to be repaired as part of a recall.


How To Check Recalls By License Plate

Using our recalls tool keeps owners up to date with technical capability and safety features to ensure that the driver and passenger stay safe in case of a mishap.
Our tool will provide relevant recall information so you can contact the manufacturer or dealer about the repair, if your vehicle has any safety issues.

The number is clearly mentioned on the license plate issued by the state DMV. You can also use our DMV license plate lookup service.

In addition, the license plate number is available on the Certificate of title also issued by the state DMV. The Certificate of Title also provides the issued date which can also be an important factor if there are any doubts about license plate number tampering.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might be worrying to buy a car with a safety recall on it. However, you should know that a recall actually means that the manufacturers have discovered a problem and have also found a way to fix it at no additional cost to you.

There are two type of recalls on vehicles

  • Safety recalls – which is usually done when there is a defect on the vehicle
  • Emission recalls – which is done when the vehicles do not meet the emission standards.